Laying a foundation.

This is the first year that Kimbilio has been blessed with the opportunity to have interns. Four recent college graduates have dived head first into the foundation laying of a home that will change the lives of hundreds of children. Here is Ellen Burkhart, a 2013 Kimbilio intern, to share with you all about her time with Choose to Invest.



Four months ago, I left everything I knew in America to embark on the greatest journey with Jesus to Africa. I had wishes, dreams, and visions of cradling sweet babies in my arms, of dancing around the one day Kimbilio house to worship music, and of little babies running from room to room with joyful smiles beaming from their faces. As I stepped foot onto east African soil, I had purpose, I ached to hold a small child, and I saw beauty in that, but the Lord completely turned my world and my heart upside down in the three short months that I was there. There was a bigger reason for me in Kenya, on this team, and soon enough, on the Kimbilio Baby Home compound. There was something beautiful forming, a foundation, a hope, and most of all, a future. My Father had chosen to send me across a huge ocean to lay a foundation. To abundantly glorify Him while creating a refuge, a safe haven, a home for babies who desperately needed healing, love, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Over the course of the past three months I have seen plenty of struggle, wide eyed expressions, excitement, set backs, progression, and hope. I have seen a compound that was once seen as a single-family dwelling be given purpose and a future only by the grace of God. I have seen people who were once strangers jump on board in support of Kimbilio. I have seen something that was once a vision for one man become reality. I have seen abundant faithfulness and power in a God who allowed every detail of this home, this mission, and this process to be worked out for His glory. As we continue to work on laying the foundation for this home, I pray that we are constantly reminded of the many graces that He showers each of us with and to go back to Him with praise and thanks. I pray that we remember that we serve an all-sovereign, mighty God who is guiding us every step of the way not only until that special moment when the first Kimbilio baby enters their new home, but for eternity.

The refuge.

We are very excited to share a new development for Kimbilio Project! If you remember, we made an announcement in February about the Kimbilio Baby Home. That announcement said, “we will rent a home that will become the Kimbilio Baby Home, where we can implement our child development model and begin bringing hope and love to children from the start.” After a year of research and house hunting, God has provided what we believe to be an ideal location for the first phase of Kimbilio Project, the Kimbilio Baby Home.

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The gated compound is less than a mile away from the current house that we currently occupy and host Rejoice Project discipleship retreats, Journey interns, and house staff. The Kimbilio property is half an acre and has three buildings. The first building is the main house, which will be the Kimbilio Baby Home. It has five bedrooms in addition to a dining room, living room, garage, kitchen, and laundry room. We will use this space to create care, play, and therapy rooms for the children that God stewards to us.
The two buildings at the back of the compound have a total of five apartments, and additional laundry areas. These apartments allow us to have space for staff, guests, and more. The owner of the house lives a few houses away and is in full support of this property being a refuge for orphaned and abandoned children. There is even an adjoining plot of land that the owner said he would develop with us in mind, if we needed more space in the future. In addition, we now have a facility where our Rejoice Project and Journey curriculum can be utilized to house, train, and disciple orphan care workers! It also will allow us to maintain and increase our relationships and influence in the area. God’s presence is on this place and we are excited for what He has in store with this step of faith.
We were able to negotiate terms with the owner and reduce the rent to half of his original asking price! The rent for this house is more than we had originally budgeted, but we know it is the space God designed for Kimbilio. We trust and believe that the Lord will provide what is needed through individuals like you. We need an additional $4,000 to close the gap between budgeted and actual rent through December 2013. We pray that you will consider helping close this gap. [button link="" color="teal" window="yes"]Give Here[/button]
Stay tuned for more ways to be involved with the Kimbilio Baby Home. Feel free to check out our website for more information and/or email with questions or ways you can get involved.
Looking forward to what is ahead!

A New Generation!

We had an incredible experience this weekend with Run for Orphans in Alpharetta, GA! More than 500 people gathered on a cold Saturday morning to help raise awareness and funding for two of our projects, Kimbilio and Rejoice Project. We are so thankful to the 60 volunteers who made Run for Orphans a great success. We will share more details this week along with pictures of the event! Rejoice Project Team Training

Today marks the beginning of our first Rejoice Project Leadership Training retreat at the Invest House. We arranged for 10 Rejoice Project team members from different communities to travel to the Invest House for three days of training, equipping, and encouragement. We would love for you all to join us in praying over the next three days for God to speak clearly through our staff and that deep discipleship would take place.

The Rejoice Project team members that are joining us are part of a group of about 70 community members from different parts of Kenya who have stepped up as leaders for the next generation. This group volunteers at their local primary school and church to teach their community's next generation about who God is and who they are because of Him. They are servant leaders with a desire to see God transform their communities for His glory. Together, we see a new generation in Kenya with bright, strong, and passionate followers of Jesus Christ. We are excited to spend the next three days pouring back in to the leaders who are pouring out in their communities!

Johannes, Harun, Peter, Donald, Kristin, Joshua, Peterson, Francis, Daniel, and Evelyn - a group of 10 made up of pastors, teachers, moms, and dads, all with a vision of a generation that knows God deeply and lives for His glory!


Journey Internship, Rejoice Project, & a Children's Home?

Irene and Baby Ann I can't count how many sentences I begin with "I am so excited about..." and this week's announcements are full of more reasons to write the same! We are excited about Kimbilio and the visions that we have of a refuge for orphaned children in Kenya. A place that cries out the glory of God and His extreme and unfathomable love for a fragment of the 2 million + "forgotten" or "abandoned" children throughout just one country in Africa. Our entire team is looking forward with anticipation for the day that we bring the first baby home to Kimbilio!

Getting excited about the idea of lavishing God's love on children left without hope or a future is actually pretty easy for most people. What we are really excited about is what we believe is the aspect of Kimbilio that will impact an entire country. What we have discovered over the years is that there seems to be a forgotten aspect of orphan care and it's what we at Choose to Invest see as an opportunity to impact a country and not just a handful of children. While from the outside, launching a children's home in Kenya may seem like a noble thing but a bit out of line with the purpose and vision of Choose to Invest, we believe it's an open door to do exactly what God has called us to do:

to be used by God to awaken, disciple, and empower the next generation to know Jesus and to make him known.

As we prayed and asked God for wisdom and a vision for something that doesn't shine glory on our organization, our children's home, our team, or our ideas but something that makes a lasting impact and gets at the root of the issues that lead to 2 million abandoned or orphaned children in a country. What God showed us is that caring for orphaned children in a way that is equal to the way we would care for our own children is just obedience. It's that simple. He also planted a vision in our hearts for the awakening, discipleship, and empowerment of a generation of people who have for one reason or another, stepped in to the various roles of "caretaker" for these children. How do you impact a generation of orphaned children greater in number than the entire population of Houston, TX (4th largest city in the US)? You lavish love on the people who care for them.

Our vision for Kimbilio is intriguing. It's discipleship and intentionality for how each individual and whole child is cared for, encouraged in God's truth, and raised to be followers of Christ. Our vision for who will soon be our fellow caretakers is not much different... our heart is to provide discipleship experiences for those who directly impact the orphaned children of Kenya, equipping them to intentionally parent and guide the children that God has stewarded to them. Through this, we see a generation of children growing up knowing that God is a perfect Father who loves them beyond understanding and who has redeemed them from the injustice and bondage that comes from an orphaned spirit. We can see a new generation in Kenya that will lead courageously for the glory of God!

God is opening the doors wide, we are stepping though, and we couldn't be more excited for a new opportunity to impact a generation!


Introducing the Rodes

Rodes Family We are excited to introduce Will, Kelly, and Liam Rodes to the Choose to Invest family. They are planning to move to Kenya in May in order to get things set up for the Kimbilio Baby Home.

In Spring 2009, Will went to Kenya on a mission trip with NewSpring Church. During this time God placed a passion in his heart for foreign mission. Over the next three and half years Will and Kelly asked God to reveal His plan to them. In the Fall of 2012, God told Will to resign from his job at church with no other immediate plan. Within a week, a 10 week missions school, Harvest School with Iris Ministries in Mozambique, was put on the table. During Harvest School, they lived on a base among hundreds of children who had once been commonly known as orphans, but now found their identity in Christ.

I knew Kelly from my time at NewSpring Church and had the opportunity to meet with Will and share stories before they left for Mozambique. We stayed in touch during their time at Harvest School. Then around week 8, God called Will and Kelly separately, but identically, to Kimbilio. They were each given a vision for a home where abandoned children will come and find a refuge. They will have a childhood, but most importantly, they will be introduced to their Father.

Will is in charge of Kimbilio Operations. Will is passionate about leadership and relationships. He sees how leadership affects everything and how to develop a culture. God has placed the government on his heart as part of his ministry. He will help hire and lead our American and Kenyan staff that works at Kimbilio, along with building relationships with the government, and managing systems and procedures. Will is an incredible videographer and will produce video for Choose to Invest that tells the story of  how God is moving. Kelly is in charge of Kimbilio Care. Kelly loves being a mom and loves moms. She will spend most of her time loving on our direct care staff, discipling them, and teaching them how to be moms. She has an incredible heart for discipleship and developing things like Bible studies, games, fun activities, etc. to do with the children and employees at Kimbilio. Kelly was an art major and loves using natural resources and is excited to use this with Kimbilio. Will and Kelly will also spend time building relationships in area where we will build Kimbilio’s permanent facility.

We are so excited for Will, Kelly, and Liam to be a part of Choose to Invest. God has given me in incredible connection with the Rodes that I cannot even explain. I cannot wait to see how God uses them in Kenya.

Be sure to check out the Kimbilio staff page to hear more from the Rodes and the Kimbilio interns.

Edward Phillips

Director of Kimbilio Project