Carter Abel

During our time in Kenya God revealed a whirlwind of truths to me about Himself, myself, and the realities of life, and those truths inevitably changed the direction my life was headed. Prior to Journey I had completed one year of college at Belmont University studying Vocal Music, and though it felt slightly off I was planning on returning to school the following Fall. My experience with Journey began to teach me what it looks like to trust the Lord fully, however, and He spoke clearly into my life that school was not where I was supposed to be at that time. Through a combination of perfectly-timed opportunities, open doors, and some reassurances for my doubtful heart, He led me to take the next year off of school to participate in a program called Mission Year. I spent the next year living in Houston, TX, building off what I learned through Invest by serving in the inner-city and continuing to get my eyes opened more clearly to the world around me and who God has made me to be. Because of my experiences with Journey and Mission Year, I now have renewed vision and direction and am now back in college at Belmont, studying theology and social entrepreneurship on a very different track than before. I don't know exactly where this new path is going to take me, but due to the new found trust in my heart from the summer of 2010 I know that God will "make known to me the path of life" (Ps. 16:11) and guide my footsteps to walk in His ways.