Rejoice Project in Pictures

If you read our posts a few weeks ago about the 252 Team in Ngaamba, then you probably caught on to what the Rejoice Project is. If not, click here for an in depth explanation of how Invest in reaching the next generation in Kenya. In short, the Rejoice Project is Invest's approach to equipping and empowering leaders throughout Kenya to intentionally disciple the children in their communities by creating and utilizing curriculum that emphasizes relationship, the arts, and experiential learning to teach God's Truths. Below are some pictures from our time last week with a 410 Bridge team from North Point Community Church. We are so blessed to be working with the 410 Bridge, North Point, and the 252 Team on this project in Ngaamba and had rich time of investing together in Ngaamba! [gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="rand"]