Please Pray With Us

Our hearts are heavy today with news of an accident in Ngaamba. Please read the post below provided to us by our friends at The 410 Bridge and join us in prayer for the community and families.
Please pray for the community of Ngaamba today.
There was an vehicle accident yesterday involving some of the children from Itumbule Primary School. There are multiple confirmed deaths and many serious injuries. While we do have a 410 Bridge team on the ground in Ngaamba, no US team members were involved nor were they in proximity to the accident.
This is a school that many of our teams have served and invested in, and our hearts break for the families and community members that have been effected.
Information is still coming in. At this point, most details are unknown and a good amount of misinformation has circulated.
We ask your prayers for the community, and your patience with us,  as our staff seeks the most accurate information to share with you.
We sincerely ask that you resist reaching out directly to our Kenyan staff or Ngaamba community members in search of information.  Our desire is to protect them from the incredible volume of communication and questions that they don't  yet have answers to.
If you would like to send your condolences and prayers, please email them to  Once more details and information becomes available, we will be sure to give you other avenues to show your support and love.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our office (770.664.4949)