Baby Leo









It is never easy to write such a post. In fact, I sat in bed last night and as I cried I tried to figure out how to explain what is so heavy on my heart. I will try to explain and pray that the Holy Spirit will go far before me in preparing hearts.

Leo was a baby last summer who will forever have a mark on the life of Journey 2010 and  our families life. Leo's life continued as a vessel of God's faithfulness into Journey 2011. We went to the children's home, where we serve in Nairobi, last year and we met a little boy named Leo. At 6 months old he weighed about 5 pounds. He was so tiny and frail. We prayed over him continuously and our sweet Sara Wilson fed him milk as she cried out to God to save him. We were unsure if he would make it the weeks we were there, and yet God proved to be so faithful. It was truly a miracle. Sara would message me from time to time to check in and we would message the director of the home just to see how the little guy was doing. To our surprise, when we returned this year we were amazed at how big he was. He had more than quadrupled his size. We were amazed at God's miracles and quickly found out one of the major reasons why he was still alive, Judy. Judy is a young women in Nairobi making a big difference for the kingdom of God. At 23 years of age she has wisdom that far exceeds her years of life, and a passion for orphans like I have not seen before. I was told that last year, Judy loved on Leo and nursed him back to health. It was obvious by the love he had for her. When Leo would hear Judy's voice in the corridors of the orphanage he would cry out for her and only want her to hold him. She is a perfect picture of God's equipping and use of a vessel that depends on Him to be the hands and feet of Christ.  We were told just a week ago that Leo was assigned parents and that his family would be there to get him in two weeks time.  As a team we were rejoicing again at God's faithfulness.

I was at the orphanage last week and as I was leaving Judy was on the couch trying desperately to get little Leo to eat. She explained to me that he was sick but they couldn't figure out what was wrong and she was very concerned. Leaving her that day I had no idea that from Wednesday to now I would have to write that Leo went home yesterday to be with Jesus. The only comfort I have from writing that is the acknowledgment that I believe that Leo was greeted by our creator with the most comforting and amazing embrace from his true Father and that he will no longer have to experience pain, famine, tears, or lonely nights in an orphanage.

I am however, left completely overwhelmed for Judy, for his future parents, and for the staggering number of orphans in the world. Judy loved Leo so much and did everything that she could to take great care of him and the other children in the home. She is only one person of many who are trying their best to deal with the estimated 143 million orphans in the world, with an estimated 1.7 million orphans in Kenya alone.

In times like this there are no words truly to figure it out or understand it. We are left only knowing the confidence of our faith in Jesus, the truth of His words, and the deep desire to pray. 


God is our greatest encourager. 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

God is a true Father that comforts us in all our our troubles. 2 Corthians 1:3-4

When we are broken hearted, he is close to us. Psalm 34:18

One day God will wipe away every tear from our eyes, and take away all the pain suffered on this earth. Revelation 21:3-4


  • We ask that you join us and please, please pray for Judy today, this week and in the coming weeks. I know that she is broken hearted and overwhelmed by this. I am praying that this will only fuel her passion for the orphans rather than deter her from the calling on her life. 
  • Please pray for the orphanage. Pray that God would provide the resources to make a sick room they feel called to make to help protect and maintain babies health while waiting for parents. 
  • Please pray for our invest alumni as many of them are broken hearted.
  • Please pray for orphans, that God would awaken His church to His heart for orphan care.