Where There is Vision:

The 252 Team has covered more ground in the last 16 months than most ministries do in several years. God launched them out and has given them great favor in their community and in their work for Him. We have had the privilege of watching them grow and rise to the challenge that God has placed in front of them. Spending any amount of time with this group is an inspiration and motives check when you see their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of God's glory! This team has a holy vision to not only transform a community but to do it in a way that allows God to provide and sustain them every step of the way.

Our "goodbye" with them this summer and the Journey team was something we will never forget. We spent hours together, encouraging each other in the truth of God's word, in prayer, through storytelling, worship, and breaking of bread... or in our case, cake! The 252 Team surprised us with two cakes and a ceremony to follow as we departed Ngaamba. Johannes informed us that each month, the 252 Team contributes 50 Kenya Shillings (equivalent to $0.57) to help meet the corporate needs of the project and to provide for special things like the cakes they made to say goodbye to Journey. Humbling to say the least. We captured great moments that day through journaling, taking pictures, and video and we hope to show you some of that footage soon. The truth is that it will probably never come close to capturing the essence of that day for each of us in the simple structure they use for a church building. It was the essence of Christ and the fellowship of believers that has left an impression on all of our hearts. We are blessed to have shared that time with such incredible people!

Looking forward; the 252 Team is in the midst of a great journey with God and each other. They have shared their vision for the future of the project with us and how they desire to create a sustainable project that not only develops their community spiritually but economically as well. They are in the process of researching and creating a proposal to develop a campsite that will provide an incredible Kenyan experience for those who come to visit Ngaamba and Kiu. It's amazing to see their creativity and ingenuity come to life as they discuss and share about how they can begin developing small businesses for the purpose of providing financially for their families, creating a better place for their community, and ultimately funding the ministry that God has begun through the 252 Team.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this group of leaders in Kenya. Thank you for joining with us in prayer for God's wisdom, protection, love and mercy, sanctification, and provision for the 252 Team and the work they are doing in Ngaamba and Kiu. We look forward, with great anticipation, to sharing with you all that God is going to do this year with our friends!