The Other Half!

We hope you had a chance to look at the post from yesterday to learn a little about some of the 252 Team. Today is the other half of the team. Join us in praying today for the team as most of them spend the day preparing for their day in schools tomorrow! We hope you enjoy meeting the rest of the team today. Stay tuned as tomorrow we share the incredible vision and drive this team has to impact their community and bring about sustainable change! Meet Phyllis! Phyllis is a rock. She is strong and passionately in love with Yesu (Jesus)! She is famous among our Journey teams as she's responsible for teaching them one of the only songs in swahili that Americans can remember: "Ni Wewe", a song that says "it is you, Lord, it is you". She sings all the time and does it in such a way that you can't help but worship our God along with her. Phyllis is now facilitating with Rose at Mwanyani Primary.


Meet Donald! Donald is one of the most giving men we know. He has been known to send home hand-made (by his wife!) Kenyan cloths as gifts to some of our past students. Donald also leads worship with a smile that never seems to go away. He is filled with the joy of the Lord and it's infectious to all who meet him, including his students. Donald facilitates at Ngaamba Primary and is well-loved by all.


Meet Stella! Stella is a mother of 2 and is currently facilitating at Kiu Primary as well as her church's Sunday School. Stella has a captivating smile and a gift that enables her to immediately build relationships with anyone she meets.


Meet Joyce! Joyce is facilitating with Bernard at Uvunye Primary which is the newest school to participate in the 252 Project. She is a deep thinker and has much wisdom to offer when she speaks. She is a mother of 4 and is a constant source of stability for her team.


Meet Jane! Jane is a mother of two of the cutest Kenyan kids you'll ever meet. John and Charles are 6 year old twins that capture the heart of anyone they meet... they got that quality from their mother! Jane is a source of youth and passion for the 252 Team. She has a unique understanding of her Saviour and is learning just how much God adores her. She just gave birth this week to a baby girl so she is on break from facilitating at Kiu Primary.


Meet Dominic! Dominic is always the first one up and the last to go to bed when the Journey team is around. He has an energy that can only come from God as he goes all day without stopping. He cares for his sisters and does an incredible job fulfilling the role of big brother and mentor in the absence of their father and mother. He facilitates at Kalembwani and walks further than anyone I know. He is always on the move and God is using him in huge ways to lead in his community.