Meet the 252 Team!

Today and tomorrow are dedicated to allowing you to see the team of leaders from the 252 Team in Ngaamba and hear just a little bit about who they are. They are some of the most beautiful people we have ever met and just a short time with them leaves you inspired and feeling closer to God. Their love for Him and each other runs deep. Influencing thousands, they are gentle warriors who see their purpose as changing a community and a nation by God's love! Enjoy meeting our friends...  

Meet Raphael or "Baba John" as we call him. Raphael facilitates at Kiu Primary and is one of the most personable people you will ever meet. His heart is huge and he is a great facilitator and big brother to the students that he teaches.


Meet Beatrice! Her quiet strength is one of the first things you notice when you meet her. She is a mother of 5 and has been leading her Sunday School and began facilitating at Kalembwani Primary last month. She walks 2.5 kilometers one-way to facilitate at her school.

Meet Rose! Rose was one of the quietest and humble people we had ever met. She works hard and shows up to every meeting faithfully. We have loved getting to see a new confidence in her this summer and a smile that lights up the room. Rose has been facilitating her Sunday School as well until this month she announced in a loud voice that she was now the facilitator at Mwanyani Primary! Rose is also the mother of 3 children.

Meet Bernard! Bernard is 22 years old and is committed to teaching others about the virtues of our God. He isn't supported by his peer group and often feels alienated because of his commitment to invest in the next generation through discipleship. He is strong and God is growing him in to a deep and wise leader and Christ follower. Bernard facilitates Uvunye Primary.

Meet Purity! Purity facilitates at Ngaamba Primary and is a mother of 4 children. Purity walks 2 kilometers one way to facilitate at her school. She is committed to her faith and has an overwhelming sense of peace no matter the situation.

Meet Justice! Justice is a friend to all he meets. He is constantly inviting people to his home to meet his family and genuinely loves people in a way that communicates God's love for His people. Justice has a great role-model in his father who serves on the Leadership Council for the 410 Bridge. Justice is facilitating at Nzeveni Primary and his students love to see him walking up to teach them about God's virtues.