Why We're Here

We were blessed to have 14 adventurous and passionate college students join us this summer for an experience that changed all of our lives. It began with a week in the mountains exploring leadership, effective and sustainable missions models, and the impact that Truth can have on our lives. We journeyed to Kenya together and spent 18 days with people that inspire and challenge through their faith and joy. This was the beginning of what we pray will be an ongoing experience that will eventually involve 100's if not 1000's of students. Our lives were changed and we wanted to share some of the stories from our students over the next few weeks. May they inspire and encourage you...

Shae'- A year ago I surrendered my life to Christ and was on a fast pace track of living a “like Jesus life”.  But during this trip God slowed me down and showed me things I needed to see before I could make my next run.  In Africa, I saw a world where love and simplicity does exist and where one could see God’s kingdom here on earth.  You get there and you are overwhelmed with the love of the Kenyans, the same love I have been trying to earn back home.  This trip taught me what love is and how God loves me.  Almost every night CJ would play the song “How He Loves” and I would repeatedly remember those words.  God showed himself to me on this trip and showed me that with him I can do anything.  I always struggle with being different because I am always the “black sheep” in my family and group of friends and was afraid no one would love me if I continued to live a life of being different.  Then Kristin told us that “being a Christian means willing to be misunderstood” and that no matter what we do we could NEVER loose or gain God’s love for us.  This hit me hard because I always thought that I had to earn God’s love like I had to earn my earthly relationships’ love, but now I know that there is no truth in this.  God loves me and has a purpose for my life, and although he does not need me he will use me to lead his people to him.  Invest changed my life and showed me the truth of his word and the unfailing love in which God has for me.

Invest is now accepting applications for the Journey 2010 experience in which we plan to take 25-30 college students for our longest trip yet! If you know of someone who may be a good fit, send them to www.choosetoinvest.org for more information and the application link.

Looking Forward,

Nathanael and Kristin