What is the 252 Team?

It's the day after Journey 2011 and our prayers are with each one of our new Invest Alum as they rest, greet family and friends, continue to seek God, and share their stories of His faithfulness and pursuit of their hearts throughout their Journey Experience. There is a special group of people that I know will be mentioned on several occasions throughout the story telling process and that is our brothers and sisters from the 252 Team in Ngaamba, Kenya.

Kristin and I launched Invest from something we now call the Rejoice Project; birthed out of a vision from God given to Kristin as a young girl and her education in the Arts, her experience volunteering, working for, and consulting churches on their ministry to children. Rejoice Project is the approach Invest uses to communicate God's radical and unending love for the youth and children in Kenya, using the arts and experiential learning to explore their new identity in Christ. The 410 Bridge and North Point Community Church (Ngaamba's U.S. church partner) contacted Invest in early 2010 to ask if we could work in Ngaamba to help their leadership launch an initiative that would begin discipling the children and youth and therefore begin bringing about a generational change in their view of God and themselves in light of His love for them. We said "yes!" and that began a movement that is not only spreading across Ngaamba but will soon begin spreading in to the other 410 Bridge communities!

By now you may have come across their picture or heard us mention the 252 Team as Journey spent time together with them this summer. These are incredible people who are leading the way not only in their community but in their country! We, Invest, began working together with a group of pastors, teachers, community leaders, and youth from the Ngaamba community in April of 2010. It began as a meeting with a group of community members with a passionate desire for change. We discussed the different challenges that they felt were plaguing Ngaamba, their churches, schools, men, women, youth, and children and their desire to "invest in their next generation" as a way of impacting the spiritual climate of their area. What began as a meeting is now a spiritual development (discipleship) movement across Ngaamba and it's impacting thousands of children!

The 252 Team is made up of 13 men and women from various stages of life who volunteer their time to to develop and teach virtue-based curriculum that is relevant to the culture and challenges they face in Kenya and specifically Ngaamba. Johannes, Jane, Simon, Phyllis, Donald, Purity, Bernard, Rose, Dominic, Joyce, Raphael, Stella, Justice, and Beatrice are boldly and sacrificially living for the purpose of bringing glory to God in their community and in their future generations by sharing and teaching about the character of our Heavenly Father. This week we are going to introduce you to each one of the 252 Team and share a little of their stories, why they do what they do, and their vision of a preferred future for Ngaamba. God is moving quickly and in big ways with this group and we are excited to bring you in to the story He is writing with the 252 Team! Will you join with us in prayer for and over these leaders and the project God is using to bring about life change in the children, teachers, parents, and even themselves?