It's official Journey 2011 is over; the movement continues...

We had the blessing today of skyping in and watching the last moments of Journey 2011.. It ended much like it began, community, prayer, love and reverance for what God has done, is doing, and will continue to do.  It is truly unbelievable to think that just a little over two months ago Journey 2011 arrived in Alpharetta and waited with expectation as to what the Lord would do, realizing that to even be together was already a testament to His faithfulness.  I will never forget the hearts and amazing courage it took for many of them even to say goodbye to their family and friends, knowing they were walking in obedience.  Now to see what God has done could only be HIM and His movement of making himself known and revealed to them, and also to the world around him.

As a staff, we would like to thank everyone who helped to make this possible and everyone who prayed. Behind Journey 2011 were hands and feet, truly the body of Christ; host homes, meals, contributions, donations, guest speakers, Camp Highland staff, 410 Bridge staff, the Invest gathering spot at the Palmers, the Warehouse, and on and on.. Thank you for being willing to partner with us and invest in the next generation in such an intentional way.  We look forward to continuing to tell the story of this summer.  We also look forward to continuing to share what God is doing both in Kenya and the US. We always say that once Journey is over, the students are part of the Invest family forever. More importantly, they are a part of a movement of the next generation encouraging one another to offer themselves as a living sacrifice and invest their life making Christ known.. We pray that you will continue to stay connected with us and follow what God is doing through the invest movement.

Here is our prayer request for tonight:

1. Pray over the Journey 2011 students as they travel home: pray for their safety, pray for their hearts, pray that God will continually bring to mind His faithfulness, pray they will process,pray they will have special times at home with family and friends, pray they will rest.

2. Pray for the Journey family: may of them are still doing ministry this summer, preparing for school or new jobs. Please ask God to renew their mind and give them His vision as they enter into a new season.

3. Pray for Journey 2012: we have already received our first few applicants for next summer! We are amazed at what God has done for the past few years and we continue to trust him as He is already bringing together the Journey 2012 team!

4. Pray for our invest staff: they have worked tirelessly this summer and have poured out everything they had for God's highest.. Please pray they will be able to process, get rest, and spend much needed and desired time with their family before starting school!

Thank you, Thank you,  Thank you. Kristin and I, Cody, Chelsea, Kristine and Edward are humbled that you would be so gracious in your constant prayer for our staff and team. Thank you for continuing to partner with us as we make disciples.  We look forward to God's continued story in and through our lives.