The View

I had to help the interns with a difficult thing this morning:: leaving the North Georgia mountains where we've been since they arrived home on Sunday. This departure was difficult, but so intentional for us. I *think* it helped that Cody, Edward, Chelsea and I were able to surprise them with river tubing and a full day of enjoyment! Did you notice that I wrote Edward - We were able to greet Ali and Edward with BIG signs, two fresh cakes, and hugs yesterday when they landed back home with us here. What a blessing! We choose, very intentionally and prayerfully, our week of debrief. For us, the experience of debrief, is not an unwinding and posture back into routine life. Debrief is a closing experience of thoughts, ideas, learnings for each intern through the Journey Internship. We, also, purpose to grant them the gift of empowerment that they might know how to engage in their home-realities, churches, and families.

Up in the mountains we've experienced the Full Pool of Grace (Louie Giglio's message in the GRACE series), we've discussed identity, we've experienced community, we've enjoyed some healthy meals, we've had guest speakers that spoke to us about Guilt, Shame, and God's Healing. We've been able to be artists through creative expression. We've even circled back to some of our conversations from May 26, yes, MAY - our first day of training. God has been so good!

The interns are "tucked in" tonight at their host homes, another intentional element of Journey, and we are gearing up for a enjoyable day of serving tomorrow in a local shop where 100% of profits go to local organizations that choose to invest in children. I am excited about this experience for us to invest together in the kingdom, here in America.

You can pray for us:: for courage in closure, continued identification with the journey God had with each intern, and for our remaining time, that it would be empowering and full. Please join us in praying for rain in Ngaamba and over the 252 team that works on the REjoice Project. And as we pray for the Avery's - they are definitely missed by us all, as they follow obediently in Kenya.