And They're Off!

Journey 2011 has officially left Kenya after 51 days of ministry here. The team took off at 5:45pm our time and we know that they left their first layover in Ethiopia safely. We wanted to ask that you remember them in your prayers over the next 24 hours as they travel back to Atlanta for their week of debrief.  We also ask that you pray for Ali and Edward. Ali was kept back because of the airlines and documentation and we are hoping she and Edward will be able to fly out on Monday. Today was not easy as they continued to process all that they have experienced here and balance the desire to stay with their new friends here and going home to family and friends whom they love and miss. We said goodbye to them this afternoon and left them at the airport. We miss them all so much already.  This team was amazing and we were blessed by every moment we shared with them in Kenya.

We wanted to leave you with their prayer for Kenya as you join them and remember them in your prayers.  We will continue to post updates as well as pictures from the journey that we are just now uploading! Thank you for your prayers and following this journey.

Our Prayer for Kenya:

Kelton - that the 252 team spreads throughout all of Kenya and then Africa

Mary London - confidence and boldness for the women of Kenya

Sheeva - that God will continue to send people that will encourage the Kenyans through spiritual discipleship and empowerment

Brittany - that the 252 Team knows their worth is in Jesus Christ

Amy - that spiritual curriculum will be in all the schools

Billy - that God will take the work we did to impact lives and the people we poured into will pour into others and that God will continue to glorify His name here

Thomas - that Kenyans will continue to know Jesus, grow in their faith, and be passionate about their country and God, and to our God first in all things

Jessica - unity as a country, that Jesus' light will shine and rise up the next generation for His glory

Abby - an awakening of the next generation as leaders for Christ

Bri - that all the people will have a perspective shift to see who they are in Christ and rise above their circumstances and be leaders of their country

Anna - that the people in Kenya would understand their identity in Jesus

Sara - that our generation in Kenya will step up and be leaders, that the 252 Team would continue to realize they are amazing leaders, and that the babies at Happy Life will be adopted by Godly families

Emily - that every child knows they are God's treasure and that they would realize they have a future with Christ and that the communities will continue to unite under Godly leadership and empower each other and that every child at Happy Life will be adopted

Johnny - that the people of Kenya would understand how much they are loved by God and how beautiful they are

Lauren - that kenya would be awakened to God and the power of His holy spirit

Ali - that the people of Kenya will come to know the God that created them and desires to lavish His love on them

Hannah - that God will continue his mighty work in making disciples of this beautiful nation, may his people know Him, love Him, and one day proclaim He is Lord

Becca - that the Kenyans would understand and be empowered and encouraged by the fact that they have the Holy Spirit

Israel - that they will continue to grow and see the light of the Gospel and the glory of Christ

Jon - that the children, adults, and 252 Team will understand their true identity in Christ and truly walk in it with confidence and that they will continue the process of pouring into the next generation

- Amen