Time With The Church

We arrived safely in Nairobi last night after an afternoon of goodbyes with our friends on the 252 Team in Ngaamba. A word to describe out time in Ngaamba is "satisfying". Not satisfying in the sense that we accomplished our goals or had a fun time... but satisfaction that comes through experience God through His Church. While many of the 252 Team worship in different church locations across Ngaamba and Kiu, we experienced worship together through the way we lived, ministered, and worshiped together with our lives. As many of us read through the chronicles of God's early Church in Acts, we were given a picture of what He was allowing us to do in a remote village in Kenya. It was a beautiful picture of Christ followers united for the purpose of sharing His message and gospel of unmatched sacrifice, love, and grace. We were living together to bring Him glory regardless of where we are from and the cultural differences that could interfere and God moved mightily in Ngaamba.

It's experiences like this that remind us of what we are truly called to do as believers and as the body of Christ;

Know Him intimately

Make Him known among the nations

Our time together yesterday was spent by reading scripture to each other in a spirit of encouragement and with the purpose of challenging each of us to stand firm in His truth. We are grateful to God for allowing us to see Him and His Church in a new light this week!

The team is doing well and will be spending the next 4 days together talking about their experience on Journey, remembering and documenting the people they met, the things they saw, and the ways that they have grown closer to God in knowledge and relationship. Please be praying for this time and the hearts of our team as they prepare to leave Kenya. Pray that God would provide clarity around their next steps back at home, pray that He would comfort those who are brokenhearted to leave, and pray that God would allow each of them to be impacted by their experience with Him in such a way that they can't come home and live the same.

God is so faithful and it has been such a blessing for the Invest staff to walk alongside each of our Journey students this summer and to see how God cares for and orchestrates moments and experiences to speak to their unique hearts in individual ways. We know that this is the ending of a season for them and yet an exciting beginning to a new season of life and relationship with our God. He is faithful and we are grateful and humbled by Him.

More pictures to come and blogs from the team! Thanks for your patience of the past week and for your faithful prayers.