I’ve never heard the word invest used as readily as I have the past two years. It seems like it is in every other conversation.  I don’t think it could be more timely for us to launch “Invest” than in the midst of financial and emotional instability. We have walked obediently and waited patiently for God to reveal the big picture and let us know when it was the right time to move forward.  Every aspect of our Journey to Invest has God all over it and I know that this is just where it starts to get really good.

Financial status

Future of our country

Global instability

“the church” in today’s culture…

there are so many things demanding our attention and staring us in the face every day. What are you investing in? How have your priorities changed in light of where we are today?

After traveling all over the country last year and spending so much time in churches and with “Christian organizations”, I have spent days just thinking about the massive void of authentic, vulnerable, radical leadership for the sake of Christ.  Not leadership for the sake of fame, nor for the purpose of “growing” the church or leading a movement; but pure leadership.  Leadership that says my number 1 priority is to live in such a way that it repels the religious and leaves everyone else wondering what is so drastically different about that person’s perspective and lifestyle that they can’t stay away.

I don’t, by any means, confess to have it figured out… how do I live so that every decision revolves around my passion to see Christ receive any and all glory without being completely detached from culture and society? I do think that God has revealed to us that we can’t be caught up in the American lifestyle.  We can’t pretend that giving some money here and there, volunteering at church, and never missing a small group session is truly living a life worthy of the calling we have received. It has to be more than that. We have to go deeper than that. It needs to be about Christ and His… only His… renown.

It’s unlike anything we have ever done or have been a part of. It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people. It will not be a trend or a new way to “do church” and no one will become famous in our Christian world for being a part of it.

It’s real. It’s authentic and vulnerable. It’s what God has called us to do…

Do everything you can to Awaken the next generation to life of eternal perspective…

Our intent is to be raw and to foster the type of community that was modeled for us in Acts. It’s about Godly relationships that have “self” removed from the equation. It’s about a new generation being so connected to God’s heartbeat for their lives that they can’t live another day without pursuing Him and the vision He has breathed upon them. It’s living for Christ whether they are exploring their relationship with God in the woods, serving the most amazingly joyful people in Kenya, or living out their faith at home… encouraged, inspired, and challenged by their community of brothers and sisters to live life as BIG as God allows and giving away all the glory.

Our hearts are broken for what we have been called to do and I believe that God has to be in every moment of everything Invest, because it’s that big and He is the only one capable.

He entrusted us with the lives of 14 from the next generation of leadership that God’s church will see. He asked us to trust first, to continue taking steps when it doesn’t make sense, and to do it without hesitation.

The funny thing is, they have begun to challenge us by their willingness to return home and begin investing in their communities while already planning their return to Africa.

Now… we have begun the journey of asking others… how are you investing? How will you choose to invest the life that God has given you to impact His Kingdom?  How will you choose to invest in a generation with a choice to make… will they abandon their faith and find acceptance in the world… will they choose to live like the many before them and find a great church with great programs and spend the rest of their lives striving to achieve recognition from the Christian community… or will they choose to embrace the passion that God has given them and live radically different by embracing their identity in Christ and using their gifts to impact the world?

We pray that you will journey with us in any way possible… we pray that God will use every aspect of Invest for His glory around the world.