Israel and Bri Blogs

For the next few weeks we will be posting individual blogs from our team of Journey students. We love getting a glimpse into what God is doing in their lives and hope you do as well! Nathanael

Sitting here in Nairobi, Kenya I find myself at a loss for words. This past year has flown by.Was it yesterday? No! Last year, at this time, I could be found sitting in the mountains ofNorth Georgia processing my four-week stay in Kenya. Here I am, and I will never be thesame! If one would pick up a Bible, turning to the Book of Isaiah Chapter Six, the readerbecomes witness to a personal encounter with God. Picture this, “…The Lord, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filling the temple. Above him areseraphim, each with six wings: With two wings they cover their faces, with two they covertheir feet, and with two they are flying. And they are singing, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD Almighty, the whole earth is full of his glory.’ So the doorposts and thresholds start shaking, and out of nowhere, smoke fills the room.At this time, Isaiah realizes his plight; he is in the presence of God! Recognizing that he isunclean, Isaiah cries out proclaiming his, ‘ruin.’ However, one of the angels assures Isaiah,after bringing a hot coal to his lips, that his, “…guilt is taken away and sins atoned for.”Then, the voice of the Lord says, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” Isaiah says, “Here I am. Send me!” Wow. Notice the heart change? We went from woe is me,to send me! Not unlike Isaiah, I have gone from woe is me, to send me! It is not Kenya thathas worked this change in my heart. The presence of God is changing my heart. He dwellswith us, in us, forever. And, that same God, in the Book of Isaiah, the one who lives in me-he longs to be in relationship with us. Jesus says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor 12:9)


Two years ago, I was able to go on a 10-day trip to Kenya with 410 Bridge. Out of all of the many precious faces of children that I encountered, there was one little girl named Grace who I have never forgotten. I vividly remember saying goodbye to her, knowing that it could quite possibly the last time I would ever see her here on this Earth. While we were in Karima last week, our bus pulled up to a school that seemed so familiar. After being informed that it was the largest school we would ever visit in Kenya, I knew that it would be a miracle if this were the school that sweet little Grace attended. I didn’t remember her last name, I didn’t even remember how old she was or what grade she was in, all I remembered was her first name. After being welcomed by all of the students, I stood in the middle of a huge group of children. All of the sudden, I saw her- and even better than that, her face lit up as she recognized who I was. Being reunited with precious little Grace, a girl that I have been praying over for two years, in the largest school in Karima was no coincidence, but clearly a divine appointment. I will never forget this memory, and it was such a great reminder that God is the ultimate Romancer who pays attention to the little details of our lives.