What an amazing and beautiful journey it has been so far.  So many things in which we take for granted at home become our “norm” here in Kenya.. realizing the true luxury in which we live life in America and the true simplicity in Kenya which we can find some of our greatest joys if we only allow ourselves too is challenging!  No computers and no cell phones equates to a tremendous time for reflection, reading of God’s word, deep relational moments for our interns; and of course a lot of card games!  Teaching, learning, serving, growing and loving; that is the norm here at the invest house. As a staff member, it is beautiful to watch the interns make dinner together, clean up, spend time encouraging one another in truth, and hear room-to-room deep discussions with open Bibles. We simply live in a state of worship and simplicity.

Last night we celebrated Edward, Ali, and Kelton’s July Birthdays with cakes. One homemade lemon pound cake, one chocolate coconut (yes, Kristine, in honor of you!) and one cinnamon vanilla pound cake... let’s just say that it was amazing and simple!

It makes me realize how great parenting comes from simplicity.  There are times where I am convinced I need to obsess about so many milestones, so many experiences and thoughts; I know God uses those times. I am also challenged to worship through every day living! My children have most of their toys back at home I am again challenged in the joy, contentment and creativity that is unleashed in the simple life.  We are loving Kenya and God has been so good to meet us in our every day living.. our eating, our sleeping, our walking around life.  It is truly our desire as a family, as invest, and as a community to offer our lives as a sacrifice to God, not out of the extraordinary but simply the ordinary. Reading our Bibles, praying, serving others, and living in worship with our hands open to God's leading isn’t something to be elevated, it is to be our norm. Joy, Grace, Peace and Love... they are to be the norm. I am thankful that as life continues here they are the norm for this amazing group of God's beloved, this amazing team of the next generation who are inspiring and challenging in their "norm" for Jesus!

As we continue to walk in obedience and trust God with the remainder of the trip, our prayers are that sickness would be far from our team. May we would continue to allow God’s truth to be sealed deep within our heart and His desires to become our norm.  The cry of our heart is that our Kenyan friends would know and experience the LOVE of our Father, everyday! God, may we continue to trust you and love you with our everything and offer all that we are for you. God may we take great delight in simplicity and great joy in your extraordinary!

Thank you for journeying with us and thank you for partnering with us.  May God bless you and shine upon you as you realize the impact you have made in this journey.

Blessed beyond measure,