How far we've come...

Thank you for your patience as we ventured through the Kinningop area of Kenya! It's hard to believe that we hit our one-month milestone of Journey and now it seems like Journey's departure from Kenya is racing closer every day. It was such a blessing to be with our friends in the communities of Kwambekenya, Kiria, and Kirima and we cherished our time and experiences with them. We were greeted by the students of Kiria Primary  the day we arrived as they rushed down the muddy road toward our bus with cheers, smiles, and hands stretched in the air. Our time in these three communities was spent in homes, playing soccer with the youth, working in the schools, and working in a free medical clinic put on by our friends at Prairie Lakes Church (Cedar Falls, IA).
Camping at the base of the Abadare Mountains is always an adventure with the beauty of His creation all around, livestock roaming the campground, and the sounds of children on their way to school in the morning. This year was colder than usual with a ton of rain so we definitely pushed the "Weather Master" title of our Coleman tents to the limits! We came back to Nairobi a day earlier than scheduled because of the rain and a need for a little rest before heading in to a busy week in Nairobi.
Thursday was spent with our new friends who launched an incredible ministry called Naomi's Village and are taking in 100 orphans to care for and develop in to the next generation leaders for their communities. We will share more about that in another post. We spent Saturday with the children at Happy Life after a doctor from Prairie Lakes assessed the majority of the children. We were able to provide medication for many of them and just helped to encourage the full-time staff in their efforts to care for more than 50 abandoned children. Our hearts are always broken after time at Happy Life but it's a blessing to just love on the kids when we get the opportunity. We will spend time there Tuesday and Wednesday of this week there as well so please pray that we can encourage and love the people and children there in a way that glorifies God in a huge way!
We are so grateful for all your encouragement and prayers and will keep you all updated as much as possible.

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