An Answered Prayer!

While in Ngaamba I went to Uveni Primary School with part of the team to teach classes. I really wanted to go to this school because two little boys, Felix and Emmanuel, that I met at church the day before go to school there. I was dying to see them again and play with them. I made sure everyone was in place in their classrooms and then had Ann, a community representative for Ngaamaba, walk me over the preschool. The class was outside when I walked up, but I did not see Felix and Emmanuel. Ann asked one of the students if all of the class was there. The little girl said no and then went and got the rest of the class. The first two children I saw were Emmanuel and Felix as they sprinted around the corner to me. Then I noticed a little boy with no legs. I immediately recognized him from my time in Ngaamba last year. I asked Ann if she could find out if his name was Daniel and indeed it was. I almost began to cry… I visited Daniel’s home during home visits last year when I was a part of Journey Internship. Before I left Daniel’s home last year we prayed for his family. One of his mom’s prayer requests was that Daniel would be able to attend school. He was in school!!! I asked his teachers when he started school and they said in January, which is when school starts for students in Kenya. I was then able to encourage the teachers and tell them how they are a part of an answered prayer. When I told them the story of me praying for Daniel to be able to go to school they looked at me and were astonished. It was incredible to see that God answered my prayer and I got to see proof of it one year later!

-Edward Phillips