3 Days In...

Connection in Ngaamba is proving to be inconsistent so I haven't been able to post blogs as I initially planned. Just when I found myself getting frustrated with that fact, I thought through my expectations... being able to pull out my Macbook, charge it, and connect to the internet in the middle of rural Kenya is a blessing and I am thankful! I will catch up on the many moments we have had here in Ngaamba through pictures as soon as we're back in Nairobi. The blessing of being able to lead Journey to Kenya each year is that the process provides incredible pictures of God's sovereignty and plan. Each year, He has assembled just the right team to come and accomplish what He desires for our time in-country. This year He has brought together a team of loving hearts and flexible spirits. Camping in Ngaamba is not your typical camping experience and is stretching us all in unique ways and yet the beauty of the country and God's people are surrounding us at every moment.

We will remain in Ngaamba until Sunday afternoon and we are grateful for the time that we will have here with our friends. We experienced church yesterday in two different groups and had an amazing time worshiping through song, dance, and fellowship. Today, and the rest of the week, we will be working in the schools utilizing the Rejoice Project and our friends from the 252 Team. I can't wait to introduce them to you and share more of their story of servant leadership and a vision to see God transform their community through their investment in the next generation of Ngaamba.

Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement! We are all doing well and are soaking up His blessings here in Kenya.