1 week >> Journey 2011 interns arrive in Atlanta.2.5 weeks >> Invest staff and interns will depart for Kenya.

It seems like we were wrapping up Journey 2010 just yesterday and now here we are approaching the beginning of another internship and summer in Kenya. If this page could even begin to hold the words necessary to describe God’s faithfulness to our staff and interns over the past few months I would gladly spend hours writing them down. This page will never do justice to our God, but I can tell you he has remembered his children involved with Invest. Take this in:

God provided the money for 17 interns, 3 leaders, 4 staff, and 1 family of four to go to Kenya. That alone would leave people rejoicing. God did not stop there though. He is pouring out his love on 17+ young adults who are desperately trying to make their lives revolve around His Son. Hearts are being healed. True identities in Christ are being embraced. Families are being led by children. Men are sacrificing pride and earthly worth so that Christ may be their strength; their leadership an astounding flicker of the glory of God. Women are being released of lies the world has made them believe about themselves, and God is restoring and renewing them in His truth about who they are. The KINGDOM is coming on to this earth!

Meditate on that for a moment. The future Kingdom promised by Christ is coming to earth in this very day, and it’s being ushered in by a new generation choosing to embrace and live in the grace of our Lord. We are humbled to have front row seats to such a spectacle of the wholeness of God’s love for his people. Our family has grown by 17 and we are rejoicing with Jesus in this day.

Invest Staff