Hannah Woods

Hey friends and supporters! My name is Hannah Woods and I am so stoked to be apart of the Journey 2011 team going to Kenya this summer. I am 23 years old and graduated in May 2010 from Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia with a BFA in Theatre (Performance). I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia in a suburb just north of the city known as Alpharetta. I have two great parents, Richard and Luann, and four precious sisters, Shelley, Sarah, Mandy, and Rachel.   I met Kristin and Nathanael through an internship I did with the Daraja Children's Choir of Africa in the summer of 2008. Kristin and I have stayed connected over the years, which is how I knew about Choose to Invest and the Journey internships. Kristin actually encouraged me to apply and through lots of prayer, I felt God calling me to go and serve. The people of Kenya hold a dear place in my heart but even greater than that, I want to reach people for Christ...for God's glory and not my own.   God has been revealing some profound things about His purpose and plan for my life through these preparations to serve on the Journey mission. The two biggest areas I am growing in are: complete surrender to my Maker AND being free from the comforts of this world by diving into God's calling for me, character, and love. I fall more in love with Him each day and cannot wait to be a vessel in Kenya. I am most excited to watch God change hearts, provide for those in need, and radically move our generation.   Through my current job at Missoula Children's Theatre, my love for theatre, and my desire to serve, God has revealed His calling on my life: to reach the younger generation using theatre and the arts. I pray that I can use my gifts in Kenya to do exactly that, but also be dramatically changed and renewed through the leadership at Choose to Invest. I believe in what Kristin and Nathanael are doing with college aged students and Choose to Invest. The commitment they make to raise up the next generation for Christ is leading the way for thousands of people to know their Creator. So I'm ready to be apart of that ministry and discover more about my God. Thank you for your love and encouragement as I journey to a different place and live my life for God's purposes. Your prayers and involvement will have an everlasting impact.

Emily Bosman

Hey guys!! My name is Emily Bosman. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Northern Iowa; my major is Athletic Training with a pre-med emphasis. I love it love it love it! The Lord has definitely blessed me in my first years of college; and, He has taught me a lot as well! I honestly am not sure how this whole Journey Internship came about, I am still trying to wrap my mind around the idea that I get to be a part of this amazing opportunity. God has given me a heart for others, as well as a nose for adventure. This internship seemed to be the perfect combo! My plan, and what my parents wanted, was to apply next summer and earn some money this summer instead. But, God had different ideas. God must know that music is a huge part of my life, because every time I need to hear from Him, it always seems to come to me during a song…so cool!! I was driving back from Christmas break and a song came on in my old school jeep. At first I just started rocking out to it as usual, but as the song went on I just felt this tugging on my heart to apply for the Journey Internship. My faith had been going through some valleys, and after talking to an amazing woman/ friend, I just decided to apply for the internship just to see if God would teach me anything through the application process. So long story short here I am, where I believe God wants me to be, and praying with all my heart He is glorified and His love is shown to everyone He brings us in contact with. God has taught me a lot through this process. One of the most important things He has taught me is just to live out every day like it’s your last. YES it is so very exciting to have this internship to look forward to, but He has so many plans for me and the people He’s placed in my life right now!! It seems like these years are flying by so quickly, the future is coming rapidly, but God has a purpose for me right here, right now. I am so excited to go to Kenya, and build new Christ-centered relationships! Meeting new people and just doing life with them for 10 whole weeks will be incredible. I also pray that God will continually be using us in the present, but teaching us to influence the people and loved ones He has specifically placed in my life, in the future. I strongly believe He created everyone of us with unique, gifts, talents, annoyances, hobbies, personalities, etc. and has also placed us strategically in our “circles”, for His purpose. I can’t wait to see where He takes us all this summer!! Thank you so much for enabling me to be a part of Choose to Invest!!