Meet Thomas and Jessica

My Name is Thomas Clanton I am a 21 year old junior at Clemson University. I am originally from Darlington South Carolina and am extremely excited about the opportunity that we all have this summer. I have always felt like God was calling me to do foreign missions of some kind but it wasn’t until around January when Anna and Edward started talking to me about Choose to Invest and pushed and encouraged me to apply. After prayer and reflection I knew God was calling me to minister to the next generation in Kenya. So as you can guess things started to move pretty fast I was excited about the opportunity. However, when I looked at what it cost to go I was overwhelmed. But in everything I was reading it was talking about how God provides and how everything good comes from God. So I really focused on giving the finances up to God and allow him to provide. Once I did that things started to fall into place and people came out who were willing to sponsor me. I realized I am so blessed to have people in my life who support me and am focused on showing that kind of love and care to the people we are going to serve this summer. I am looking forward to helping people who are less fortunate in the same way people have helped me throughout my life. I am ready to show the love and grace of God through our actions and interactions with the people of Kenya. I can’t wait to tell them God’s word and tell them about the salvation of Christ and to see people move from death into the life of Jesus Christ. I am also pumped about spending a summer with people who have amazing faith and love for God I know there is a lot I can learn from you guys and a lot we can all learn from the people of Kenya to improve our own walk with God. I can’t wait to get to meet all of you guys and I’m praying for you guys and our trip everyday!

Jessica Hord My name is Jessica Hord and I am from Wilmington, NC. I am 21 years old and a senior at UNC Wilmington. I am an Elementary Education Major and I start my student teaching in the fall, I am very excited. I love working with students. Although, I want to teach elementary school, I also love working with youth at church. I teach girls middle school Sunday school and it has been an incredible experience for me. I feel that God is really using these two areas to prepare me for Journey Internship this summer. I heard about Journey Internship through 410 Bridge. I felt very called to serve this summer in Africa but had no idea how I was going to do that so, I went on a search. I started looking at the trips that 410 Bridge does during the summer but they were only about two weeks long so, I emailed them asking if they had any trips that were for the entire summer. I got an email back about Choose to Invest Journey Internship. I immediately checked out the website and fell in love with the organization. I started praying about this opportunity and continuously went back to the website with excitement to reread everything. Choose to Invest Journey Internship was an opportunity to invest my life in others and to serve Christ in a way I never had before. I really felt God calling me to Journey Internship, so I applied. God has already done some incredible things in preparing me for this trip and I know he will continue to until the day we leave! God has really shown me during this time leading up to the trip is just as much of a journey as the trip will be. He has really been challenging me to have complete trust in Him throughout this entire experience. He continuously shows me how He is going to provide financially and spiritually. Sometimes it is so easy to be impatient with everything else in life and want to only focus on this trip but He reminds me that everything leading up to this trip is very important and for a reason. He truly is preparing me each and every day for the things He is going to do in Africa. I am very excited to serve this summer in Africa but God also shows me how much He is going to use this trip to transform my life. His love shines through every day as He prepares me for this trip. I cannot wait to share His love with the people of Africa.