Sheeva and Bri!

Sheeva Olyaie

My name is Sheeva, I’m 23, and I’m from Dallas, Texas. Let me tell you, I am SO excited about this Journey Internship! I first learned about Journey this last summer at Bigstuf, where I was a leader for my church’s youth group. When I first heard about this internship, I thought that it would just be an AMAZING experience, but something I would never be able to do. I’m so glad that our God has such huge plans for His children! After camp, God really started changing my heart, burdening me to be faithful with what He’s given me, instead of returning to my old life without a glance back. This heart change led to a lot of big decisions, one of them being to apply for Journey! Even when I first applied, I felt like God was already telling me I was going to Kenya, because I had trusted Him enough to take that step of faith. Trusting in Him has been one of the hugest things He’s been teaching me this last year- His provision and plan are greater than anything I will ever be able to do for myself! And the trust that I must put in Him along the way deepen my love and passion for Him even more every day, with every blessing. In preparing for this summer, there’s a phrase that has become my mantra, if you will: “Move me out of the way, and make this about you.” For 23 years, my life has been more about what I can do for myself than anything else. But with this new heart He’s given me, I am daily learning that the only life I really have is the one that will bring glory to His name! I am so excited to see the ways He’s going to remove me this summer, so that His glory can be defined to the people of Kenya! I just can’t wait to serve and encourage my teammates and work alongside them as we take this Journey together, knowing that He is going to change our lives this summer so that we can further His name and His kingdom!

Bri Bouldin

Hey everyone! My name is Bri Bouldin and I’m originally from Charlotte but I go to school at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. This past summer I was an intern at BigStuf Camps, and that is the place that I first heard about the Journey internship. God has always given me a heart for missions, so it immediately caught my interest. Over the past two years, I have done a lot of growing up spiritually. I feel like God has used so many different aspects of moving away from home as pathways into shaping me into the person that God truly made me to me. I’ve been praying and asking God that He could show me how to live my life chasing after Him rather than chasing the things of this world, and He has just flipped my world upside down. Journey was one of the things that He just kept laying on my heart and pushing me towards, and now as I write this as a member of the Journey 2011 team, I feel so humbled and in awe of God’s sovereignty. God’s teaching me so many things right now: to be trusting in His word, to understand that things happen only in His timing, to let Him take control of things in my life, and I could literally go on forever. I think it’s safe to say that God is tearing down all the walls my life that had previously kept me from having a real relationship with Him and just rebuilding those aspects of my life from the ground up. I’m just SOO excited to be leaving the comfort of my home to share truth with the people in Kenya and to build lasting and loving relationships with the people there. My heart is so happy to know that our God will be glorified throughout the world as He brings people from completely different continents together and fuses our lives. I’m beyond excited to build relationships with the people on my team and develop a community of solid believers. I’m just so expectant and ready for God to radically change hearts and lives, and I’m looking forward to Him teaching me so much more about Him this summer as I step into this great adventure!