Journey 2011 Is Here!

What we love about Journey is how God always seems to open doors for our students in unique ways as He leads them to Invest. The time in between announcing our Journey members from year to year seems to be getting shorter! In many ways it feels like Journey 2010 just ended and here we are with a new team in the midst of fundraising and will be forming their community soon.

Will you join us in prayer for our Journey 2011 team? This year will be even longer than last and will include some incredible opportunities in Kenya. This team has already hit the ground running and God is providing in some pretty incredible ways.

Journey 2011:

Bri Bouldin - GA Abby Bradley - GA Hannah Woods - GA Mary London Carswell - GA Amy Shackelford - IL Sara Furvallis - IN Emily Bosman - IA Ali Avery - GA Sheeva Olyaie - TX Jessica Hord - NC Anna Escoe - GA John McLaughlin - FL Kelton Hughes - GA Billy Dillard - SC Thomas Clanton - SC

Welcome Journey 2011! We are so excited to start this process together and we know that God will work in mighty ways through this team. Get ready!

More exciting news: We have some pretty amazing students from previous Journey Experiences who have been working with us since this summer and will be returning for Journey 2011 in leadership positions! Truly another fulfillment of a vision... We are blessed to have the following team working with us for Journey 2011:

Cody Goshert - Journey Manager Chelsea Ingland - Experience Coordinator Edward Phillips - Rejoice Manager / Development Diana Mescher - Rejoice Strategy Israel Wright - Discipleship Becca Jakaitas - Summer Staff

God has gifted this team with incredible leadership but even more... with a deep and genuine passion to serve God be serving others. We are so grateful to work together on this year's experience.

We will be posting individual blogs so that you can get to know them a little before this summer. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer!

The Invest Team