A Summary of Haiti

Someone asked me today what I thought was a summary version of Haiti. I did not know what to say. In fact, I am not sure, even now - 72 hours after returning - how I would summarize Haiti...... I would have to say, GOD SHOWED UP. God revealed himself in a profound way within our students. They IMMEDIATELY opened their hearts to the Haitians, the culture, and God's possibilities. We did not have to lead them through transition at all, God showed up. I was so encouraged and glad over the students! And though we purposed that this experience would not be about them at all, I am quite confident that God did pronounce himself faithful.

If the tree is known by its fruit, then these students bore fruit that resembled their Maker - they were loving, kind, gentle, joy-filled, and ripe with goodness. God showed up WITHIN THEM, because He was faithful AROUND THEM. I saw students make music, work with perseverance, serve with joy, give of themselves, and relate to each other authentically. The students loved the children they met, explored the culture, gave out high fives to community leaders, dug holes, moved rock, gracefully encountered bugs/wildlife, and encouraged the community of Bohoc. God showed up.

In fact, and I'll stand corrected here. How can God show up when He didn't even leave? He was never separated from this vision, this plan, these moments, and the Seniors. Not at all. And I know this....so I re-committ my summary to you: God awakened these students to his ever-present Self.

And this is just the beginning of our conversations surrounding Haiti.


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