Our Prayer for Haiti

As we pack up and leave this morning for the airport we wanted to leave you with our prayer, as a team, for the country of Haiti. Would you join with us today in praying for the people of Haiti?

Jonathan - Dear God, I pray for a spiritual revival and restoration in Haiti. Ali -Dear Lord, we just pray for freedom and restoration for the Haitian people. Talor - Dear God, i pray for a renewal of inner and outer beauty and hope in the people and culture. Kelton - I pray that Haiti has knowledge and understanding. Lucy - I pray that the Haiti's eyes will be opened to the amazing love and glory of Jesus Christ. Erika - Let's pray for a spiritual awakening, and that God will send his angels to the children we visited so they know there worth in God's kingdom. Colin - Christ Jesus, awaken this nation to your love and bestow your truth among those who are misled. Kristine - Lord God, in Spirit and Faith, we commend these children, youth, and generations to you - that they would be saints positioned for kingdom-revival in this nation. Send down your rain, send down your LIFE, and rain down your Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edward - awakening and restoration Nathanael - may God's glory rain down on this place and His people, overcoming evil, protecting the oppressed, and filling this place with His peace