a day full of laughter, joy, worship, community, and service!

Today has been a day full of laughter, joy, worship, community, and service! We began our day working on widening a path to a road to help the local community gain better access to their gardens which are often located on property away from their houses. They do this to live closer to each other for safety and to have water and electricity nearby. We pulled up to the site to see close to 50 community members waiting for us. We prayed together and began digging! It didnt take long until we were spread out and working as one community, singing, dancing, laughing, teaching, and learning. It was a beautiful site and I know that God was glorified. We learned so much about the hard work it takes to do this with hand tools and were impressed with the efficiency with which the Haitians make things happen. After lunch we journeyed to a nearby school to spend some time with children. We read them a book about just how unique and special each one of them are and how much their creator loves and adores them. We finished that by having each child make a hand print on their own piece of paper with the verse from Genesis 1:27. The children are precious and our team treated them with such love. We said our goodbyes and headed out for the town north of us. Our next stop was a hospital where we toured the facility. We came to a room with a young girl wrapped in bandages and couldn't help but stop to ask what happened. She was playing with fuel and got it all over her clothes and another child lit a match. She was burned from her shins to her chest and her arms were covered too. We prayed for and over her as she sat smiling with pure joy in her eyes. We also prayed for a baby who had something wrong with her head that was causing her to be silent. We saw some very sick and injured people and it was humbling to us all.

We ended our night together in worship and with a local pastor talking with us about Bohoc. God is moving and growing within our team and we are all so blessed to be here. Tomorrow is our last day working in Bohoc. Please pray that we love and serve with the same passion we have the other days. Pray for continued health and protection as we work. Hope you enjoy the picture!

So thankful, So blessed! Nathanael