Update for the day!

Here is an update for today.Wow! What a beautiful picture of Haiti we got today. We started with church where we worshiped together for two hours. Our team did a great job just worshiping God even though everything was sung in Creole! We had the opportunity to teach them "Our God" and even met another team from Iowa. The Executive Director of The 410 Bridge, Kurt, met up with us after church to see where we were staying and to say hello. After lunch, we were taken to two of the main water sources for this area of Haiti and they explained their need for a filtration system because they get sick if they do anything other than bathe in it. It was a great picture of just some of the need here as we talked to children bathing in the water and filling up containers to bring back home. Next up was a surprise tour of a nearby cave that they take all the teams to see. It really was a great time of exploring and bonding as a team and with Ronald and Jude (our 410 leaders). We met the pastor and his wife at church and they invited us to stop by so that's where we went after the cave. They are an amazing couple that God is mightily working through to train and disciple pastors from all over the region. In just 5 years, they have built a church, school, meeting area, a huge garden, and a home for their family. Kristin, Jean Jean's wife, moved to Haiti after a college internship that was supposed to last 3 months. Her husband grew up in Bohoc and together, they are an awesome force of God's love! They made a big impact on our team. We left them by praying over them and their family. I am so proud of how well our team is doing life with our Haitian friends. They are having a blast just being God's children, loving people, and exploring His creation. Please continue to pray that they will allow God to overwhelm our team with His love. That they would show His love in everything they do and say so that He may be glorified. Tomorrow we begin digging pit latrines and working with children. It will be a long day but an amazing experience I'm sure! It's a blessing to be here to watch the next generation begin to step up and step in to the calling that God has placed on their lives. Much more to come this week!