heading to church to worship Jesus in Haiti....

For anyone who has traveled much, you know there is nothing quite like seeing the vastness and greatness of the amazing creation and hand of God around the world. Although there are moments on any trip you are left speechless and moved by the spirit I am not sure there is any moment more pure and more beautiful that praising Jesus and worshipping His name with people of another culture. This is something we have found over the years to be a miracle. To stand in a concrete room, to stand in 4 walls of mud, to stand outside, wherever the gathering takes place; there is something quite miraculous about worshipping Jesus with other believers around the world. These services aren't quite like what we think of in America. There are no lights, no rock bands, no air conditioner, no glamourous kids services, nothing really to entertain us, and yet we are left standing in awe. We are left moved by the Holy Spirit in a way that is unexplainable. It is a gift to stand with people who the world would claim have nothing and yet in the depths of their hearts they cry out in praise and in glory because they know that Jesus is savior and God's kingdom belongs to them and therefore they have everything!

Please pray as the team is heading to worship in Haiti this morning. Please pray that God would strip away their idea of what it means to worship or to go to church. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would do a mighty work in them this morning as they prepare to serve all week long. Please pray that the beginnings of relationships would take place between the team and new friends in Haiti. Pray that God would light a mighty flame in the people who live there and awaken them even deeper to His amazing LOVE for them. Pray that the Haitians would see this team not as their savior but as a gift, as a tangible expression from their true savior; JESUS!

Thank you for your continued prayers!