Checking In

What has God done in your life through Choose to Invest? Where do I even start?... I think of this question and so much comes to mind. The biggest thing I think of is PASSION. I always knew what I was passionate about but I did not know what that meant until I was a part of Invest. I had no clue how the things I was passionate about would be a part of my future. One passion I think of is my passion for children. When I learned about the Rejoice Project I knew there was something special about it and that God was calling me to be a part of it. I have really seen God shape my passions into what I think He has for my future. God just continues to show me so much about this day after day. One part of this is just really having people that believe in me, understand me, and can grasp what I am passionate about. I truly feel more in touch and closer to God now and Invest has played a huge part in that. I can finally see God shaping me into the man He has called me to be. I always wondered if I would ever see the day. God has taught me a lot about trust through Invest also. I get to look up to founders of a non-profit who really trust God with everything. I held so many things back from God but I can say now that I understand so much more about what trust is. Thinking there was so much I could do or keep to myself until I was a part of Invest. God has done so much in my life through Invest and I look forward to what He will do in the future.