Fasting for Kenya's Future

Fasting for Kenya's Future: 8th grade exams.We have an amazing opportunity to join together as the Invest Community today and tomorrow and fast as the body of Christ for the next generation in Kenya. We are calling on an army of prayer specifically today and tomorrow for the 8th grade exams. Throughout Kenya, class eight students (eighth graders) will sit for their state exams next week. These exams determine weather or not our friends will be eligible to apply for secondary school (high school) as well as determine how much funding their current school will get for the next year. As you can imagine this is a very important week for the teachers, students, families and specifically the future of these communities. I ask that we join together as an Invest Community and commit to Fast and Pray this weekend (Friday Nov. 5 – Sunday November 8). Here at Invest we believe the Next Generation is worth our time, energy, and investment! So let’s lift up our Kenyan friends. Those of you who have never fasted before, no fear! Fasting is one of the ways we get to position ourselves before our God. The point of fasting is saying no to specific things in our life in order to intentionally make time and space to come to God. It is an experience where the physical awareness of emptiness from that which we gave up, is the reminder to turn to Jesus who is the only one who can satisfy. Remember, when we practice any spiritual discipline, it is not to get “spiritual brownie points” or to “butter God up.” No, we do them simply to help position ourselves before God and create space for Him to move and work. There are many ways to fast. Fast from your favorites: favorite foods (chocolate, chips, meat) favorite technology (TV, Internet, Music), favorite daily activity. Or you can try to fast from one meal a day. What is something you can fast from?

Be encouraged that all throughout scripture it says God hears the cries of his people, and just like in Revelations 8 God can do big things with our prayers! Let’s join together as one and life up those who are the future of God's will, revelations and continuation of His kingdom in Kenya.

God, We pray over our friends in Kenya who are in class 8. Specifically Lord God we pray over the class we have visited both in Ngammba, Kwambe Kenya and Kiria. Lord God, please overwhelm them with your peace as they work and give their minds wisdom like you gave Solomon. God you are faithful and we praise you for that. As we join together Lord with one voice, Lord God I pray that our Kenyan friends would sense that brothers and sisters are praying for them and they will be encouraged to continue to trust in you and live boldly for your name and glory. In Christ Name, trusting and believing in your Amazing Power! Amen