Warriors for the Kingdom.

There have been so many things that have happened on this trip that have impacted me. Some things have gotten me excited, some have hurt, some have made me confused, but the greatest are the ones which have brought change. I have never been a part of anything that has brought me such joy. Our group immediately clicked. We became a family so quickly. We started out at the beginning of our trip making huddles, and breaking to "2010 Warriors!" We have lived up to that chant. We have been working together as warriors for the Kingdom to make our impact. Its going to be hard to leave this amazing group of people. We have been through so much together, good and bad. God has put every one of us on this trip for a reason. He has led us to this point, and we have fearlessly followed.

There is a young girl from the village of KwambeKenya, her name is Faith. I have never met a six year old that is quite like this little girl. I don't think she could have been any cuter. :). We spent every moment that we possibly could together for the short time that there was. I don't understand why she and I clicked so well. When I first saw her, my heart melted. I picked her up, and have had the smiling face that I saw that day in my mind ever since. Faith gave me so much love, and that is what I am wrestling with. I don't understand what I have done to ever receive that kind of love from a child. A child that lives in the middle of Africa that has never seen my face or heard my name. Then I think about how much love I have for her and those children, and I realize why. If you give your heart to Jesus Christ, your heart will pound for every person or child you come in touch with. A six year old girl showed me love that I have never experienced. It was so raw, and so true. I knew it wasn't my duty to love her as a father, but I knew it was my duty to love her like a child of the true Father. Faith's beautiful smile will be imprinted in my mind for the rest of my days. I know that one day, whether it be in heaven or on Earth, that I will see that smile again.

I cannot explain completely what I have experienced on this trip. I am content with that. I know that God has worked through every one of us, from the leaders to the interns. I also know that every one of us shined while we were in Kenya. Relationships were built in Kenya, and also back home in America, that will never be forgotten. All of the Journey 2010 group have become family to me. I feel like we are indestructible, and I know that we are going to go back to our homes as warriors. I am excited to see what God has in store for each of us. My prayer is that God's will is lived through each of our lives, that our hearts are beautifully broken, that we rid ourselves of selfishness, and that we be the hands and feet.