Closing In

It's hard to believe that we have been here for three weeks and have only 7 days left in Kenya. I think everyone was a little apprehensive about spending a month out here, especially the time we are camping, but it's literally flown by. This is the beginning of our last week here and we are blessed to be spending it with the beautiful people of Kwambekenya. The people here form a very tight community and I haven't met a person yet who has spent time here and didn't love their experience. This week will be spent working with the youth of the community. Relationships will be the focus as well as some training on ideas to engage and teach the children of Kwambekenya about their uniqueness and identity in Christ. The heartbeat of our team is to show His love and adoration of them in all that we do. We have had a few of our team get a little stomach bug but everything has been very light and quick. I am convinced that God has given us the strength and protection necessary to not waste any time here! As we close in on our time here we have begun discussing what God has shown to us and what that means to our return home. We also began praying for Journey 2011 team members for next year! As everyone has shared their story and why they desired to be a part of this year's experience, we couldn't help but notice that many began to be burdened for Kenya or experienced a defining moment in their walk with Christ all about in the same week. It's no coincidence that it is the same week that our Journey 2009 team was praying for this team. And so... we've begun to carry on the traditions of last year and are eagerly praying for the group that God assembles next year and with great anticipation of how He will work in their lives as the next generation of Christian leaders. It's has been humbling to be a part of this community of solid and passionate leaders. Because of their faithfulness and pursuit of God, He is touching the lives of the amazing people of Kenya. Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement. I look forward to catching you up on all that has taken place here when we return in July!

Closing In,

Journey 2010