Journey has arrived!

Journey 2014 has officially touched African soil! We are getting settled in the compound before we head out for our first community tomorrow.  We've been busy beating jet leg, learning more about the communities, and meeting new people, yet we still have so much to look forward to. We promise to keep you updated throughout our time in the communities, but for right now here is a look into the past couple of days from the lens of Camie Stevens. 


Twenty-seven hours later and we are here in the beautiful land of Africa. It was kind of surreal being in the Atlanta airport looking around and knowing this was the last bit of America we would be taking in for two months. So naturally we took in as much as we could with some Mexican food, Chinese food and Starbucks.

Our first stop was Amsterdam, in which it was a dreary and rainy day but we made sure to be as touristy as we could. We hopped on the train and traveled around with suitcases, cameras in hand, to take in the European culture.

Next stop was the one we have been waiting for. The next place we were about to be was one that has been on our minds everyday since we received news that we would be a part of Journey 2014, the place that has captivated countless thoughts and prayers. How do you prepare for something that is about to wreck your world? How do you anticipate a place that you know will steal your heart for all of the years to come?

Journey 2014 took on Africa the only way we knew how - relying on Jesus. Knowing that whatever is about to happen in these two months, that Jesus has gone before us and has sent his angel armies surrounding us. So we all sit here with expectant hearts as we prepare to go into our first community tomorrow. YES TOMORROW! My mind can’t fathom the work that our Lord is going to do in the next weeks and months. As we wait with expectant hearts, we are engaged in the here and now as well fully knowing that this season is one of trusting God in the unknown.

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A prayer of thanksgiving:

Jesus, I thank you for this body of Christ surrounding us. I thank you for the safe travels you provided us with. I thank you for the adventure you have invited everyone of us into. I pray that Your name and Your glory radiates through all of us. That we no longer see each other, but are able to see Your face in everyone we encounter. And for anyone who encounters us that they see right to You, our faithful Father. I pray for unity, encouragement, humility. and strength. I  lift up our brothers and sisters here in Africa, that they see your unconditional love. I thank you for the great work you are doing here and that you do not need us here, but you invited us to come along with You. You are worthy of it all.

In your holy name we pray,



We would love for you to continue praying for our team in these specific ways:

  • Unity
  • Perseverance
  • Letting Jesus be enough in our lives
  • His strength when we are exhausted