J2014: Camp Highland Part 1

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Journey 2014 is well on it's way! Since Monday we have been up at Camp Highland camping out, doing a lot of team building, getting to know each other, and absolutely loving every second of it. Time at Camp Highland is cherished every single year and this year has been no different. We are thankful for great attitudes, team unity, and healthy interns! Here's a little glimpse into the first part of Camp Highland from the perspective of one of our interns, Kate McMordie.


I have walked away from the first half of our time at Camp Highland with 47 mosquito bites (plus a couple on my back that I couldn’t reach to count), 1 pair of shorts, 13 new close close friends, and an uncanny ability to pee in the woods.

My picture of necessity and my definition of sacrifice were thrown out of the window, rolled onto the street, and run over by a giant truck named "Perspective." We were thrown into the African way of life, memorized/quickly forgot Swahili words, and for the first time in my life, deodorant was considered a luxury item.

More than anything, I ran into the body of Christ at work. I saw Jesus work in my new friends around me.

I saw determination and steadfast steps of obedience in Simon Dobbins, when he stepped up and made fire where there once was none so that we could eat.

I saw leadership, patience, and grace in Jordan Simpson when she lead the team through trial and hiccup. She was there to step up in grace and lead us to a place of better standing.

I saw the shining joy of Jesus in sweet Hannah House. Quick to smile, and quicker to laugh, the fun and adventure of who Jesus is flows freely from her.

I saw these things and more in who God has placed on this team with me. These are the tangible pieces of Jesus that will be living with me in tents for the next two months. These are the tangible pieces of grace that will see me stumble and break and not shower.

This is the body of Christ that I will be serving along side in East Africa.

Maybe I’m the feet and Camie Stevens in the shriek of joy. Maybe Jordan Simpson is the eyes and Anna Bailey is the voice. Maybe Jay Brantley is the ears and Hannah Illges is the spirit of grace. Jordan Morris may be the head of wisdom while Jared Roach is the arms that tie us all together. Simon Dobbins may be the muscle, and Anna Matheny is the sweet smile. Hannah House is the light heart and Antonio Gayton is definitely the shoulder to lean on for encouragement and when you’re just laughing really hard. William Schmid may be the knees that bend and walk and run and carry us when we just need to move to somewhere while Sam Byrnes is the excitement that keeps us encouraged all the way.

This is the body of Christ that I get to serve with all summer.

And I’ve known them for only 5 days.

And I love ‘em.

*Pictures Courtesy of Miriam Camp