It's only just begun

This internship has just begun for 14 college students joining Choose to Invest this year on Journey Internship. There are many different thoughts, emotions and worries that can build leading into this internship, but in many ways all of those fall away after the first few days. It's our first morning at Camp Highland, the place we've begun this internship over the past 5 years. As we enter this 6th year of Journey, I can only thank Jesus for his faithfulness in getting each of these 14 interns to this day. So many things, whether it be money, lack of support, or unplanned circumstances, can stop a lot of people from ever reaching this point in the internship. Today, however, against all of these things, God has pulled through and soon 14 interns and their leaders will be on their way to Africa.  

"The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ..." Romans 8:16-17a.


As I was personally preparing for this internship, thinking of how I could encourage this year's leaders, I was brought to this verse. I was stopped in my tracks at this thought, "this is their homecoming." We, as a staff, have the honor of guiding the homecoming of heirs to the Kingdom. What an honor we have to take part in the stories of 14 young adults as they surrender their worldly comforts to experience the true comfort of Jesus, remove superficial "masks" to experience authentic relationship, and press on to understand and be made more in the image of Jesus each day.


We as their leaders, are giving our all to lead this team towards the cross of Christ. How God could ever trust us with such a gift, the sons and daughters that are his upmost treasure, is beyond my understanding. It's this privilege that drives me to my knees in prayer, leads me to complete dependence on Christ, and drives away all things "me" from the picture. But, as I look back on all the empty coffee bags, all-nighters, supply shipments, itineraries, and those who have selflessly volunteered in helping us get this going, I can tell you it's just Jesus. He's the one who pulls this whole thing we call Journey together and only to him is credit due.


As Journey moves from location to location, one would hardly know that 14 interns and their leaders were just there. On the exterior, it would appear as though we are not there at all, but the truth is GOD is bringing the house down on the inside as his sons and daughters worship his holiness. I feel like the Israelites as God traveled with them on their journey through the wilderness. Sure, we too experience difficult times, but we are walking on dry seabeds, quenched by water from rocks, and are being led by the Almighty home. Thank you Jesus that as each day ends, we can only look to you and worship you for your faithfulness in getting us through another day. We trust that you will do the same and more tomorrow and are eagerly waiting and depending on you to show up. Amen!


Humbly depending on him,

Cody & the rest of our team