Masai Land

We had the opportunity to travel to the community of Kiu yesterday afternoon after a morning or rest. Dominique and Kennedy are two of the youth leaders we've had the chance to work with in Ngaamba and they invited us to see and learn a little more about their culture and heritage. These guys have been walking 3-4 miles (one way) to see us every day we have been in Ngaamba. They are passionate about helping to raise up a new generation of leaders within Kiu and are dedicated to seeing God bring change. Kiu means "thirsty" and was named during the construction of a rail line that runs from Nairobi to Mombasa. The community literally sits in between two major tribes and now acts as a gathering point for both. It wasn't long ago that the Masai and Kamba tribes were fighting for territory and the young boys actually were dressed as girls to help keep them safe. Today, the tribes are working together to reach the children of Ngaamba and Kiu!

Journey took a trip to Kiu and we were all touched by our experience. We were greeted by men and women in traditional dress who were singing and dancing to welcome us. These people are beautiful inside and out! After greeting everyone, we spent some time in church, worshiping together as one... Our next stop was up the road where we walked together to visit a traditional homestead. The homes are made of mud and sticks with a grass roof. They are usually about 5 feet tall, dark, smokey, and shared with livestock. So far, this experience was a highlight for many of us...

We are going to start student blogs tomorrow so keep checking back to hear about Kenya from their perspective!