J2104 Introductions: Meet Hannah and Jordan!

Illges- photo
Hannah Illges 
Columbus, Georgia | Samford University, Junior |Elementary Education 
 I'm coming on Journey because I want to show the Kenyan people just how great Our God is. Knowing how many things the Lord has done in my life personally makes me want to show everyone just how loving, caring and freeing our God is. I'm the most excited to escape technology for 10 weeks. This sounds so silly but knowing I will be in Africa and not constantly worrying about who is (or isn't) texting me, or how many likes my instagram pictures are getting is  a freeing feeling. The African people have discovered the secret to living a simplistic life and I'm really looking forward to experiencing it for a short amount of time.
Morris- photo
Jordan Morris 
 Birmingham, AL | The Highlands College
The name is Jordan Elaine Morris. I am from a little town in the beautiful state of Georgia. I currently live in the wonderful city of Birmingham studying at The Highlands College to be a Worship Pastor. A few things about me: I am very passionate about music and leading people to the cross through music. I absolutely love people. I am an avid creator and storyteller. I love to see beauty spring up from things that were once nothing. I believe that's the story of our lives. We were once dead, but now are alive by the power and grace of Jesus Christ. I'm a writer. I'm an activist. I'm an adventurer.
Journey is a proclamation of God's faithfulness in my life. After going to Kenya this past fall and having to return more quickly than I expected, I was devestated. I had listened to God's voice and went to Kenya, so why was I already home?
On the plane coming home from Kenya, God knew my heart was going to be broken. He used a Kenyan man, by the name of Henry, to prophesy some of His plan over me. Henry told me that God spoke to him and told him to tell me that this was not the end. God had a special purpose for me in Kenya.
It was during this time that John 15 became very real to me, very fast. Rest. Abide. Remain. God gave me a vision for the people of Kenya. He gave me a promise. I would be back in Kenya, not on my time, but on His.
Now, HERE I AM. Finally getting to begin, yet another, voyage to Kenya. I could not possibly be more excited or expectant. God had to do a work in me before He could fulfill what He had for me to do in Kenya. I had to learn to Rest in Him, Abide in His steadfast love, and Remain in His overwhelming grace.
Here's to the Journey. This one, and the many to come.
"I am STILL confident of this; We WILL see the goodness of God in the land of the living."
-Psalm 27:13