[gallery columns="4" ids="2584,2586,2587,2588,2583,2585,2589,2590"] There really are no words to describe the past 4 years with Edward Phillips. Edward started out with CTI as a Journey Intern in 2010. What we love about Edward is that before he ever arrived he was already calling us asking what he could do to help and how he could invest ahead of time specifically with Rejoice Project. That summer Edward was a leader. We knew right away that God was calling him to fight for children. His heart for children and his desire to go deeper with God was a gift for our staff. We left that season blessed and knowing that we had been able to accomplish more than we thought because Edward dove in and took every opportunity to forward God’s vision for the people we served. Today with Rejoice Project we are blessed to impact over 7000 children in 3 different communities. Edward played a vital role in allowing us to launch this project and help our ministry to put in place an incredible foundation.

There is a joke around the CTI office that the summer of 2010 continued on, allowing us the blessing of friendship and the gift of the body in the bold young leaders who remained behind at our house. In fact, if we are honest, we couldn’t get them to leave nor did we want them too! Edward came back from Journey and never stopped serving. Throughout his college career Edward continued to invest with us in the leaders and their communities. He returned back with Journey 2011 and invested in the students as well as the communities we serve in Africa. Edward camped out, went many days without showers, helped lead Journey through Rejoice Project and began to establish relationships with local orphanages.

Edward continued to serve and walk boldly by exploring the deep needs of orphans in Africa and specifically how we could be used to provide refuge for those children. The Kimbilio Project began and Edward breathed life into the process of exploring and seeking God’s heart and will for how we as a body could play a vital role in the lives of leaders and the orphan communities they serve. Most people will not finish their career with the kind of impact that God has used Edward to make in the lives of children and leaders in Africa.

Recently Edward asked another one of our staff members Caitlin Pitts to marry him and is getting married March 22! Caitlin joined our CTI staff for a temporary season as project support and has played a vital role in our continuation of ministry over the past 10 months. We were tremendously blessed to have her in-country for a season and by her passion and love for the people of Africa and the vulnerable children we serve. Caitlin has a tender heart that is turned toward Jesus. Her heart and life is a blessing to all who are around her.  Caitlin is a perfect partner for Edward both in life and in ministry and we look forward to all God is going to continue to do through these two!

We have spent a lot of time in prayer both as a staff and as friends. It is our honor to congratulate and encourage Edward and his soon to be bride into their new season. We love Edward and Caitlin. Edward and Caitlin are moving to Colorado to be a part of a church plant as well as begin a new season as they launch into their marriage. You can read more about their new season here Edward will be leaving the CTI staff to join the staff  Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation.  While we will deeply miss having Edward and Caitlin on staff we know that they are being obedient to what God is calling them to do. At CTI we say regularly that we value a Kingdom Perspective. We value the process of opening our hands to surrender back what God has for us, knowing that he is in control of all things.

We look forward to God’s continued use of Edward and Caitlin both with CTI but also in the Kingdom of God and “The Church” as they move to Colorado and continue to Empower Generations as they plant a church and fight for vulnerable children and families who need people fighting in their corner!

We love you Edward and Caitlin. We are proud of your willingness to continue to step out in faith and say “yes” to wherever God calls you to go. We are thankful for your choosing to invest with us and we are most thankful for your longstanding friendship.

With Love,

Nathanael, Kristin, and the CTI Team