J2014 Introductions: Meet Anna and Sam!

We are over-joyed to welcome in a new group of Journey interns. Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing them. We encourage you to pray over each of these interns as they raise support and prepare their hearts to spend the summer in East Africa. Pray for unity amongst their team, and that God would continue to do big things during this season of preparation.


Anna Matheny
Memphis, Tennessee |Mississippi State University, Sophomore | Kinesiology
I have been to Kenya twice now. One time for a week and the next time for 2 1/2 weeks. Each time I come home from Kenya I am just craving to be there for a longer time. God has continuously made it clear to me that my time in Kenya is not finished, and for over a year now, God has clearly been pointing me to Journey. I am coming on Journey in obedience to the Lord, knowing that this is finally the opportunity to serve and love in Kenya for an extended amount of time! My desire is to shower the love of Christ on the Kenyans this summer, but I know that the opposite will happen as well…God and the Kenyans will shower love on me and teach me more than I could ever imagine.
I am so excited to reconnect with Kenyans who have become my family, and I am also stoked to live and serve alongside other students the whole summer! I can't wait to build relationships, love without boundaries, and be pushed out of my comfort zone this summer. I am ecstatic that God has given me the opportunity to participate in this trip. I don't want to waste these free summers that I have while I am in college, and I can't think of any better way to spend my summer than in Africa with Kenyans AND the Journey Team that I already love so much! Matthew 16:24-25
Sam Byrnes
 Fairfield, Iowa | University of Northern Iowa, Junior | Biology
I attended a mission trip in the summer of 2011 to Sierra Leone, Africa and that is what really gave me a passion for missions and for spreading the love of Jesus. I had been praying and really wondering when was my next chance to go and when I was least expecting it, this opportunity came up. I felt as though this was the best time to attend before I truly decide if my future is in medicine or missions, or possibly even both! I am most excited to spend time with people on Journey who have the same passion as I do. I am excited to meet the other interns and spend time with those in third world countries while also sharing the love of Jesus!