The Rejoice Project Retreat has begun!

IMG_2601 The Invest house is packed full with leaders from three different regions of the country for the first quarterly Rejoice Project Retreat of 2014! We are excited to have all of our leaders together in one place for a week of worship, empowerment, and community. We are hoping that God uses our time this week to deepen relationships, both with himself and amongst our leaders.  Our leaders dedicate so much time to this ministry, and we are hopeful that God would use this week to encourage them in all that they are doing. We are eager to watch God move, and we invite you to join the journey this week through prayer.

-Pray that God would cover our leaders with a spirit of peace and rest.

-Pray that He would build unity amongst our leaders.

-Pray that He would remove any distractions.


We are confident that God is going to use this week to encourage and remind our rejoice leaders that they are a part of something much bigger than themselves.We will continue to update throughout the week, so please stay connected with all of our social media outlets! Your prayers and support humble us daily.


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