Introducing: Brantley Bell

Today, we are continuing our J2014 Summer Staff introductions! Today we are featuring Brantley Bell. Brantley  journeyed with us in 2012, and will be joining our team again as one of the Journey male discipleship leaders this summer! Brantley is joyful, animated, and enthusiastic. The joy of the Lord shines so clearly through Brantley, and we couldn't be happier that he will be joining our team again this year! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



I am so excited to be a part of the Journey team again! I will be leading the male interns through a summer that will open there eyes to so many things that they have never seen before. I am excited not only to see all of my Kenyan brothers and sisters and connect with so many people I have not seen in a while, but more importantly I am excited to see the change that is going to take place inside of these interns through Journey. I know personally that Journey has made me into the man that I am today and I am so thankful for that. I am excited to watch God do a mighty work inside of each and every intern, knowing that He has something special to show each one of them.

If I could say one thing to the interns as they begin to pray through this summer, continue to raise support, and seek the Lord through this process it would be to step aside. What I mean by this is to let yourself rest in the Lord and allow him to work in and around you as you continue to prepare for this summer. Do not let yourself get in the way of letting the Lord work, continue to make time to spend with the Lord and seek him above all else. No matter how many things seem to be pressing in on you, be determined to push them aside and look to Him.

To the parents I would say that your child needs your support more now than ever. I know for me, my parents did not initially think that I would be going to Kenya, but after standing at a stop light and raising $1800 in one day they began to see what the Lord had in store. It encouraged me so much to have them behind me trying their best to help me in whatever way they could. So just be the biggest supporter and encourager that they have. That doesn’t mean money, just be there biggest fan in this exciting part of their lives. I am also super excited because I know that the Lord is going to teach you so much as your child is gone, and we will all be constantly praying over each of you!

My favorite passage of scripture is Romans 8. I love this passage because I love the truth inside of it! It tell us that we are no longer controlled by our earthly selves but that through Christ we have life in the Spirit. We are no longer controlled by our sinful nature but that the Spirit of God lives in us and we can cling to Him for our strength! We are to work diligently and hard until the day that Christ returns.

I am so excited and can’t wait to see all of you and experience what the Lord has in store for us this summer!