Introducing: Margot Osborne

With each new Journey team, comes a passionate, committed, and invested group of alumni that make up Journey Summer Staff. J2014 is quickly approaching, and before we introduce the new team, we wanted you to get to know their fearless leaders. Today, we are featuring Margot Osborne. Margot journeyed with us last summer, and she is quite possibly one of the most talented individuals I have ever met. She is a natural leader, and has a quiet boldness which is evidence of her relentless pursuit of Jesus Christ. Margot will be one of two female discipleship leaders this summer, and we couldn't be more excited to have her join our
Hey! My name is Margot Osborne, and I'm from Carmel, Indiana. I am a Junior at Indiana University and am studying French and Political Science. I am coming back as Summer Staff because God has been faithful to make it clear that His plans for me with Journey and in Kenya are not finished.  Journey 2013 was one of the most influential times in my life, so I am passionate about walking alongside others as they experience such a unique and special time while discovering Jesus in a new way. I am most excited about spending another summer in Kenya with the Journey crew, while getting to see my Kenyan friends and visiting villages that are near and dear to my heart.
One of my favorite passages in Scripture is Psalm 16. While I encourage you to read the entire chapter, my favorite verse is verse 8. It says, "I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken."  There have been many times in the past where life has been chaotic with no relief in sight.  This is where we are reminded to keep our eyes always on the Lord. When we fix our eyes on Jesus, He has promised to fill us with joy in His presence (v11). In the thick of the difficult stuff that life throws at us, we are promised inexplicable joy and peace if only we keep our gaze on Him.