Christmas Hope Project


This season, Choose to Invest is looking towards how we can deliver the message of HOPE to more people. There are two ways you can get behind us in our effort to share the love of Jesus:

  1. Transportation to carry the gospel to rural villages.
  2. Christmas Care packages for orphaned children.


The work of Choose to Invest takes us to 5 rural African regions. Within these 5 regions, we work alongside the 410 Bridge in 13 communities, 24 schools, with 150+ indigenous leaders, and 7000+ children. The condition of the roads out to these communities often makes it difficult and expensive for us to get to these places and limits where we can go. As we look towards the future, we know that having an organizational vehicle that can handle the roads and the amount of people we need to get out to these rural villages will allow us us to carry this message of HOPE to these outlying regions. We are eager to continue our work and increase our area of impact for the Kingdom throughout Eastern Africa - we just need your help with the wheels to take it!

christmasproject2Care Packages

Choose to Invest staff and teams have been supporting and serving in a local children's home over the past 6 years. Recently this children's home has gone through a crisis that has left the children without a parent figure in their lives this season. After hosting the children at our property, it came to our attention that all of these children need help getting their basic needs as they head back to school after the holiday break. So, this is where you, the Invest family, come in. Going back to school, Choose to Invest and the Invest family will be providing each child, 48 in total, with a care package that includes toiletries, laundry soap, and a treat for them to return to school with. We are going to buy them enough supplies to get them through this coming semester - allowing us, as the body of Christ, to show the tangible love of Jesus to each one of these children during this difficult time.


The gift of Transportation: $20,000

The gift of a Care Package: $20/care package

Join us in carrying the message of HOPE this Christmas season by being a body of believers that says "YES" to people needing to see the love of Jesus. Donate to our Christmas Hope Project and help Choose to Invest reach more rural villages and provide Christmas care packages to orphaned children.