Heading to Nairobi

Hello! Sorry for the delay in getting a post up here. The connection in Kwambekenya is less than what I thought so it has not been possible to get this up until today.

We are having an great time here and have already begun to make some great friendships. I am so proud of this team and their ability to jump in with both feet! Everyone is adjusting so well and just enjoying the process of relationship building.

Half of the team is working on the construction of pit latrines this morning for Karima's new community center (next to their new water bore hole) and road repair where the rain is making it difficult to pass. The other half is training and working with a group of youth from the community. Their time yesterday was amazing and fruitful with great conversation around their vision for their peers. The hearts of the people here are so big and I ask that you pray that our team could be used to encourage them to step out and lead with God's direction.

Everyone has had a great time camping and is getting to experience the Kenya life style by sleeping outside and surviving without electricity. We even bought a chicken and "prepared" it to be our dinner last night... my son's dream of catching and killing his dinner came true!

Today we are traveling to Nairobi where we will spend the night and depart early in the morning for Ngaamba. We will stay in Ngaamba for 10 days where we will be training youth leaders and working with the children through the "Rejoyce Project" (see choosetoinvest.org for more info). Please continue to pray for safety, health, and discernment as we work together to help raise up a new generation of Christian leaders.

I will post pictures once we are in Ngaamba and the connection is better.


Journey 2010