Leading each group of children.

“What if more people said YES to a new generation of leaders looking for discipleship?”
What is exciting about The Rejoice Project is that leading every group of children are a group of leaders. This allows us, as Choose to Invest, to disciple and empower the leaders of these communities to then turn around and disciple the youth of their own communities. This week Choose to Invest is hosting 13 Rejoice Project team members at the Invest House. Each day is filled with personal encouragement in their own walks with God, training and development of their teaching and communication skills, and time devoted to enjoying one another's company - encouraging one another with stories of what God is doing in each of their communities through The Rejoice Project.
Each story told here then reminds us that behind each leader is a group of children being discipled and encouraged in God's word. Today, we ask you to pray for a specific group of those children, class 8. Beginning today, all of class 8 began a series of exams that will last over the next two days. These exams carry a lot of academic weight and can be very stressful for the children. One of our greatest prayers and pieces of encouragement we told class 8 as we visited with them is this - that each of them would know how much God loves them and cherishes them as his children, not based on success, but in who he uniquely made each of them to be. After sending all class 8 students an encouraging poster and truth cards, our Rejoice Project team members took time to pray for them and ask God to grant them wisdom and peace during these exams. Please join us in lifting class 8 - trusting and believing that God has good plans for each of them and that no obstacle will stand in the way of that.
Thank you for choosing to invest in the next generation here in East Africa. The work we are seeing in the lives of the adults and children only makes us more eager for what lies ahead - ready to say YES to more people being touched by the works of this project and more disciples growing into well-devleoped relationships with their Heavenly Father.