Laying a foundation.

This is the first year that Kimbilio has been blessed with the opportunity to have interns. Four recent college graduates have dived head first into the foundation laying of a home that will change the lives of hundreds of children. Here is Ellen Burkhart, a 2013 Kimbilio intern, to share with you all about her time with Choose to Invest.



Four months ago, I left everything I knew in America to embark on the greatest journey with Jesus to Africa. I had wishes, dreams, and visions of cradling sweet babies in my arms, of dancing around the one day Kimbilio house to worship music, and of little babies running from room to room with joyful smiles beaming from their faces. As I stepped foot onto east African soil, I had purpose, I ached to hold a small child, and I saw beauty in that, but the Lord completely turned my world and my heart upside down in the three short months that I was there. There was a bigger reason for me in Kenya, on this team, and soon enough, on the Kimbilio Baby Home compound. There was something beautiful forming, a foundation, a hope, and most of all, a future. My Father had chosen to send me across a huge ocean to lay a foundation. To abundantly glorify Him while creating a refuge, a safe haven, a home for babies who desperately needed healing, love, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Over the course of the past three months I have seen plenty of struggle, wide eyed expressions, excitement, set backs, progression, and hope. I have seen a compound that was once seen as a single-family dwelling be given purpose and a future only by the grace of God. I have seen people who were once strangers jump on board in support of Kimbilio. I have seen something that was once a vision for one man become reality. I have seen abundant faithfulness and power in a God who allowed every detail of this home, this mission, and this process to be worked out for His glory. As we continue to work on laying the foundation for this home, I pray that we are constantly reminded of the many graces that He showers each of us with and to go back to Him with praise and thanks. I pray that we remember that we serve an all-sovereign, mighty God who is guiding us every step of the way not only until that special moment when the first Kimbilio baby enters their new home, but for eternity.