JOURNEY: Social Media Blast

Intro Journey 2014 is beginning to form, and we want YOU to be a part of spreading the word about it! We want you to join us in a week of thankfulness and reflection upon all that the Lord has done through Journey in the lives of our alumni and donors!

November 4th-8th, we are going to have a journey social media blast.

The purpose of this is not to make the name of Choose to Invest or Journey famous, but rather to get the word out about how the Lord is using Journey to awaken the next generation to know Jesus and make him known.

We are encouraging each of you to reflect on how God has used journey, the Africans, and members of the Journey community to draw you closer to himself. Each day of the week will have a different theme, with a different thing for you to post about on facebook, instagram, or twitter.  The final day we will all be posting the same graphic! Feel free to participate in as many days as you want! And use the hashtag: #myjourneystory, in your post! Follow @ichoosetoinvest on Instagram, @choosetoinvest on twitter, and like our page on Facebook for updates of what to post throughout the week!

We hope that this week will serve as an encouragement and time of thankfulness for our alumni, and also provide a glimpse of what Journey is for applicants! Join us in our telling of “the Journey story”. Below is a list of the days and what we will be posting


Day 1: One Word

  • What one word encompasses/defines Journey for you?

Day 2: The Lord used this African to teach me this…

  • Picture of child/student/RP leader that God used to teach you something

Day 3: The Journey Community taught me this…

  • What did God teach you through being part of your community as a Journey team?

Day 4: A picture and verse that summarizes their Journey

  • Scripture, picture, & hash tag only.

Day 5: Why Journey?

  • Why are you thankful you went on Journey?
  • Graphic/picture provided