Rejoice Project Update

The Rejoice Project teams are growing rapidly, and so many students in East Africa are hearing of the Hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Below is an update from the Rejoice Project Director, Johannes.



The Rejoice team is doing great so far! Each team is appreciative because of the different teachings that they are getting to do each month as we begin a new virtue with new Bible stories, games, and hands on activities.

The children are sharing with their teachers the lessons that they have been taught by the Rejoice Team. The teachers in the schools are thankful for the lessons being taught to their students because a lot of the material that is being reviewed during the RP lesson each week is also being taught in the student’s Christian Religious Education class. The teachers appreciate the Rejoice Team teaching the students moral values. These teachings have helped the students to have positive attitudes towards their education.The teachers are also saying many minor behavioral cases at the schools have ended since the Rejoice Team started teaching at their schools. This has resulted in great examination results.

The parents are saying that their children have started to model honesty, obedience, and cooperation in the duties that they are been allocated by their parents back at home. Many of the children have been willing to attend church services regularly, sing worship songs, and share bible verses with other church members. The parents say the children have started groups to have Bible study during their free time. The parents too say those children who are at primary schools are sharing with the rest of the family members what they have learned during the Rejoice teachings.

The members are saying that Rejoice Project is not only making a difference in the lives of the children, but also in the lives of the leaders. Many say that they used to be revengeful after anyone did something bad, but since they have joined the Rejoice Project team, they have had a more positive attitude. Also many were not strong believers before joining the Rejoice Team. They were not attending the church services regularly because they did not have strong faith, but after being a part of Rejoice Project, they have had a positive attitude towards God's work. Many of the Rejoice team members have been of great help for the community activities. Whenever there is a community function, the team has been used to share their stories to the community.